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My due date is
May 24, 2001

Today I am
7 weeks, 6 days

I have gained
5 Pounds
during this pregnancy.

October 11, 2000

OK, this weight gain is starting to scare me! I'm ballooning out, out, out, and I'm not even in my second trimester yet. Ack!

I'm still having a lot nausea but I'm not throwing up as much, only about once a day. I've figured out the trick -- when I start feeling sick, I eat something. It's a little bit of a paradox, but food is the only thing that makes my nausea subside. Gee, I wonder if this could be the reason I've become the Amazing Expanding Woman? However, I am eating healthily -- lots of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat breads and crackers, peanut butter, milk and cheese and yogurt. I'm certainly not stuffing myself on junk food. And yet the scale doesn't reflect my good behaviour. *sigh* I think I may just have to stop weighing myself. My body isn't really my own anymore, and I guess I've got to just let it all go. This body will do what it wants, and I can look forward to taking firm control again once the baby's been born.

My other big pregnancy symptom is exhaustion. Major, major exhaustion. I have to take a 2-hour nap every afternoon. I could fall asleep at any time, I swear I could. All I'd have to do is close my eyes and put my head on my desk, and off I'd float.... It's odd, this fatigue. The constant drowsiness is a lot like being on massive doses of narcotics or Ny-Quil. I think I could sleep over 12 hours a day if only I had the time. Everything I've read and heard anecdotally says that the exhaustion eases up once you enter the second trimester, so I guess I've only got about a month to go before I get some energy again.

In non-pregnancy news, my husband and I are going out of town for the weekend. His youngest sister is a senior in high school, and she's going to be one of the homecoming princesses -- and so she might be chosen as Homecoming Queen! We want to be there -- this is such a big event -- so we're making the 10-hour drive to my husband's hometown. I haven't been on any long car trips while pregnant, so I have no idea if this is going to make me even sicker than usual. I hope not! I'd like to be feeling somewhat human for the visit. And oh, I'm looking forward to going to California just so I can get myself a burger at In-n-Out. Mmmmmmmm. I'm so shallow! I'm looking forward to seeing my in-laws too -- we haven't been out there since May -- but I'm really looking forward to the cheeseburger.


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