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My due date is
May 24, 2001

Today I am
16 weeks, 4 days

I'm not weighing myself anymore -- it's just easier on my mental state that way.


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Tally thus far:

Boy -- 2
Girl -- 5

December 11, 2000

I apologize for not having written in 2 weeks. I've been busy, busy, busy at work. You see, I'm going to be covering for one of my co-workers while she's on maternity leave so I'm training for her position and trying to keep all of my own work covered too while my coverage (a temp) is being trained. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I agreed to do this, but then I remember that career-wise it's a good move -- the position I'll be covering is a step up the ladder from my current one, with a heapful of responsibility. Doing this for 12 weeks will make it easier for me to move forward when a similiar position opens (if I want to, of course) -- I'll already have the experience and will have proven that I can do it. But right now, ack, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

I get to skip out of the office for a few hours tomorrow morning, though..... It's U-Day! (That would be ultrasound day). I don't really know what to expect. We're going to see a recognizable baby this time, unlike my first two ultrasounds which showed only a little blob.

The little one is definitely growing, I know that; I've been feeling him or her move for over a week now. The sensation is faint, almost unnoticeable, but when I'm lying still or sitting quietly at my desk I can sometimes feel the flutters of movement. It's exciting! I really feel like I'm pregnant now. If only my husband could feel it too.... But I know in the next month or two the baby will be kicking hard enough for someone touching my stomach to feel, so he doesn't have long to wait.

As the baby is growing my stomach grows too -- every day it seems a little bigger. The stretching is irritating my skin; I have to rub lotion onto my stomach several times a day or the itching becomes absolutely unbearable. I have to sleep on my side now -- when I lie on my back my uterus falls back too heavily; I can feel it pressing down. And lying on my stomach is, of course, absurd. My body is becoming foreign to me. This stomach, these breasts, my slightly swollen hands and feet. Round ligament pains, stuffy nose, sciatica. There are some good things, though -- my skin is (if I may say so myself) absolutely beautiful. And, of course, I'm going to have a baby at the end of this. That makes all the discomforts and irritations worth it.


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